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2015-16 Family Devotional Guide

Connecting Church & Home

At Sovereign Grace, we're committed to encouraging and equipping Christian parents to disciple their children and connect "church life" with "home life."

Our new Wednesday-Night children's curriculum, The Gospel Story Curriculum, features a great way to connect parents and families with what's taking place on Wednesday nights. Along with each Wednesday Night children's lesson, parents can lead their children through a complementary family devotional that correponds with each week's lesson.

2015-16 Family ResourcesThe devotional is Long Story Short: 10-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God, and contains 78 weeks of devotions through the Old Testament, with an emphasis on seeing Jesus in the Old Testament. Each week contains five 10-minute devotions. The devotional also corresponds with The Gospel Story Bible.

If your family would like to follow along with each Wednesday Night lesson, the following guide will help you keep track of where to be each week (and which weeks to take off and "do your own thing"). We believe this is great curriculum for children on Wednesdays, as well as a great opportunity for families to regularly engage God's word together at home.


Wednesday Sep. 23-30 - Week 1: God Creates the World (p. 9-14).

Wednesday Sep. 30-Oct. 7 - Week 2: God Creates Man (p. 15-20).

Wednesday Oct. 7-14 - Week 3: Adam and Eve Disobey God (p. 21-26)

Wednesday Oct. 14-21 - Week 4: Cain and Abel (p. 27-32)

Wednesday Oct. 21-28 - Week 5: God Chooses Noah (p. 33-38)

Wednesday Oct. 28-Nov. 4 - Week off/Catch-up Week

Wednesday Nov. 4-11 - Week 6: The Rainbow of God's Promise (p. 39-45)

Wednesday Nov. 11-18 - Week 7: The Tower of Babel (p. 46-51)

Wednesday Nov. 18-25 - Week 8: Abram and God's Promise (p. 52-57)

Wednesday Nov. 25-Dec. 2 - Week off/Thanksgiving/Catch-up Week

Wednesday Dec. 2-9 - Week 9: God Makes a Covenant with Abram (p. 58-63)

Wednesday Dec. 9-16 - Week off/Catch-up Week

Wednesday Dec. 16-23 - Week off/Catch-up Week

Wednesday Dec. 23-30 - Week off/Christmas/Catch-up Week

Wednesday Dec. 30-Jan. 6 - Week off/Christmas/Catch-up Week

Wednesday Jan. 6-13 - Week 10: God Gives Abram a New Name (p. 64-70)

Wednesday Jan. 13-20 - Week 11: The Lord Appears to Abraham (p. 71-77)

Wednesday Jan 20-27 - Week 12: God Rescues Lot (p. 78-84)

Wednesday Jan. 27-Feb. 3 - Week 13: Isaac and Ishmael (p. 85-91)

Wednesday Feb. 3-10 - Week off/Catch-up Week

Wednesday Feb. 10-17 - Week 14: Abraham is Tested (p. 92-98)

Wednesday Feb. 17-24 - Week 15: God Provides a Wife for Isaac (p. 99-104)

Wednesday Feb. 24-March 2 - Week 16: Jacob & Esau (p. 105-110)

Wednesday March 2-9 - Week 17: Jacob's Lie (p. 111-116)

Wednesday March 9-16 - Week 18: Jacob's Dream (p. 117-123)

Wednesday March 16-23 - Week off/Spring Break/Catch-up Week

Wednesday March 23-30 - Week off/Easter/Catch-up Week

Wednesday March 30-April 6 - Week 19: Jacob and Rachel (p. 124-130)

Wednesday April 6-13 - Week 20: Jacob Flees from Laban (p. 131-136)

Wednesday April 13-20 - Week 21: Jacob's Wrestling Match (p. 137-142)

Wednesday April 20-27 - Week 22: Joseph's Dreams (p. 143-149)

Wednesday April 27 - Last Night of Wed. Night Studies/Catch-up Week/Break for Summer

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