2017 Children's Sunday School Featured Blog Graphic

Beginning October 1st, 2017, we will be adding two new Sunday School classes for children and more than doubling the size of the program. Nursery care will also now be available for young children, in order for parents with young children to be able to participate in adult Sunday School and be close to their infants. We believe that the Sunday School hour is important for equipping all Christians, from the youngest to the oldest. Going forward, there will be three classes: 

Class 1: Ages 3 - Kindergarten

Class 2: 1st Grade - 3rd Grade

Class 3: 4th Grade - 6th Grade

We are also introducing a new curriculum for children about which wer're very excited. Generations of Grace, written and produced by Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA takes children through the Bible emphasizing the character of God. The curriculum is designed to magnify God by studying His character in the pages of Scripture.

We hope this new initiatve will serve families and allow more to participate in our Sunday morning Sunday School hour together, for the glory of God!