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It's so easy to turn on the news, Netflix, or scroll through your favorite apps on your tablet or smartphone. However, as Christians, we know many of these things fail to give us gospel hope and point us to Christ. It would be wise to ask ourselves on a regluar basis, "Is what I'm about to look at going to help me glorify God during this season?" There's lots of great materials being produced by Christians right now. Consider taking a look at some of the resources below:

Things to Read

Joe Carter

How to Read the New With Discernment

This is something that is always relevant, but particularly relevant in a time when we’re tempted to be looking to the news (via TV, computer, smartphone, etc.) much more frequently.

Michael Horton

Michael Horton helps us understand the proper place for fear right now. I really appreciated Horton’s approach to thinking about this current crisis.

Rosaria Butterfield

Practice Hospitality, Especially during COVID-19

Butterfield challenging and offering clarity in ways she always does.

Crossway Publishing

Crossway is giving away 3 free ebooks, including A Shelter in the Time of Storm by Paul David Tripp. They have also produced some free, printable Bible verse cards for this current crisis.


What is the federal government’s public health response to COVID-19?

A quick overview of the relevant government agencies responding to the COVID-19 virus and what they do. This article is merely informative, but I found it helpful.

Things to Watch

Westminster Seminary/Mayo Clinic

Crisis, Christ, & Confidence

A weekly video series featuring Drs. Gregory A. Poland, David Garner, and Peter Lillback. Dr. Poland is the Mary Lowell Leary professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, as well as the director of the Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group. He is also the editor-in-chief of the medical journal Vaccine. He is a keen student of theology and studies at Westminster in our online program.The purpose of this series is to provide regular insight into the medical crisis through Greg's expert medical lens in the context of a Biblical perspective. A new episode will be available at every week. We trust that you will find our new program deeply informative and encouraging. We encourage you to share it with others.

Mediagratiae (Behold Your God creators)

Behold Your God Podcast - A Greater Sickness I: Oh, How They Love

In the chaos of a pandemic, how are we as Christians to respond? In this series, we’re looking at believers who have come before us who faced terrible sickness, trials, and even stared death in the face, and have continued to live faithfully. You can also listen to this via audio through its podcast.

Things to Listen to

Song: "Chirst Our Hope in Life and Death"

Click here to listen to the song w/ lyrics on YouTube.

Click here for a page that provides links to a free mp3 download, sheet music, and streaming services.

Dane Ortlund

Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers

The Gentle and Lowly podcast is a 14-day audio devotional exploring the heart of Christ for sinners and sufferers.

Things for Kids/Families

Grace Community Church

Adventures with Ranger Joe

Grace Community Church (John MacArthur) has taken their Children’s Sunday School online, recording lessons each week for kids. They use the Generations of Grace curriculum (which is what we use at Sovereign Grace on Sunday mornings as well). Along with each video, they also provide a family devotional that continues on goes deeper into the lesson, coloring pages, and even suggested crafts and activities. It’s excellent quality, especially given how fast they’ve thrown it together.

Baptist Press

Kids’ Discipleship Resources During School Closures

Pulling your hair out being stuck at home? Here are some fun, productive ideas to focus the kids’ attention.