October 18, 2015

He is God, Not Your Genie

Preacher: Sam Ellyson Series: 1 Samuel Scripture: 1 Samuel 4:1–22

___________ seek God's presence because he is the holy God not a useful genie.

I. ___________ your hearts as you come before the Lord.
A. Ponder the possible reasons for your defeats and search your heart for__________.
B. Do not find confidence in _________ religious practices apart from a heart the that seeks God's presence.

II. Mourn over your sins for they bring ____________ from God.
A. Live as though the ___________ of God is better than anything else.

III. Find hope in the reality that God is glorified in working his salvation through________.

Even in the midst of our _________ circumstances God is working for your _________.

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