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A New Year's (Life) Resolution In Light of the Gospel

January 3, 2016 Speaker: Sam Ellyson Series: Standalone Sermon

Passage: Romans 3:9–3:26

1. Do I really believe that I was born a sinner, a rebel, and had become worthless?
2. Do I see my sin’s of my speech?
3. Do I see my sin’s against others?
4. Do I see my sin against God?
5. Do I really believe I am accountable?
6. Do I really believe that I can’t be good enough and that I need a foreign righteousness?
7. Do I understand the nature of sin?
8. Do I understand the nature of salvation by grace alone (justification, redemption,
9. Do I understand how God can be a righteous forgiving judge?
10. Do I apply the reality of these mercies like Paul asks us to?

Live your life in-light of the mercies of God!

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