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If God Is For Us Who Can Be Against Us?

May 8, 2016 Speaker: Sam Ellyson Series: 1 Samuel

Passage: 1 Samuel 19:1–19:24

Trust in God’s providential plan to save you and conform you into the image of His Son who conquered through suffering.

See how Jonathan is the saving instrument of God (19:1-7).
See how David is the saving instrument of God (19:8-10).
See how Michal is the saving instrument of God (19:11-17).
See how Saul’s messengers were the saving instruments of God (19:18-21).
See how Saul is the saving instrument of God (19:22-24).

Exhortation (an address or communication emphatically urging someone to do something)
Know the comfort of God’s gracious providence by meditating on God in His Word.
2. Hear the warning and folly of fighting against the Lord.

Questions for further meditation this week:
In light of God’s saving providence up to this point in redemptive history, how should this secure my trust in God working good for me in all my circumstances good and bad?
In what specific ways have I not been living by faith on the promises of God in Romans 8?
Why doesn’t God promise his people that they will not experience painful circumstances according to Romans 8:28,37? What’s the goal of our salvation?

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