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God's King

October 30, 2016 Speaker: Sam Ellyson Series: 1 Samuel

Passage: 1 Samuel 2:1–10

Exult in God’s king who alone can judge and save.
1. Exult in God for he is…

  • Savior (2:1).
  • Holy (2:2).
  • Sovereign (2:6-8).
  • Protector (2:9).

2. Exult in the God of reversals! Be humbled or be destroyed!


  • The mighty’s bow will be broken (2:4).
  • The full hire themselves out for bread (2:5).
  • The one with many children is forlorn (pitifully sad and lonely) (2:5).
  • The wicked / pragmatist will be cut off (2:9).
  • The adversaries broken to pieces (2:10).


  • The feeble bind on strength (2:4).
  • The hungry hunger no more (2:5).
  • The Barren have borne seven (2:5).
  • The poor he makes rich (2:7).
  • The poor he lifts from the ash heap to make them sit with princes (2:8).

3. Exult in God’s King revealed in his word (2:10).

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