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Craving Temptations: Live by the Word of God

March 11, 2018 Speaker: Sam Ellyson Series: Luke

Passage: Luke 4:1–4:4

Be guided by to your Father’s word and not your cravings.

  1. Who am I?
  2. Who is God?
  3. Who’s Timing? 


11 Insights Regarding Craving Temptations:

Craving temptations…

  1. Are always a temptation to idolatry (away from Christ).
  2. Are promising something that is presumably possible to attain.
  3. Are promises of quick pleasure or relief.
  4. Are the strongest in times of pressure.
  5. Are an appeal to the flesh so that you take on a new identity (lie of “I am my cravings”).
  6. Are the strongest when we forget God or think of him as not good.
  7. Are the strongest when your attitude is one of self-pity.
  8. Are memory altering (You forget what is bad and think of it as good and vice-versa).
  9. Are value altering (Exaggerating the value satisfying the flesh and minimizes the consequences).
  10. Are always minimizing that which truly satisfies the soul.
  11. Are self-destructive (steps toward suicide).

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