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Background and Q+A of Axis Ministries with Mark Phillips

July 17, 2022 Speaker: Mark Phillips Series: Q+A

Questions Timecodes:
(Once the Q+A begins, you will hear some "fuzz" or "noise". This is so you can try and hear the questions yourselves and to keep the flow of the message going)

0:00-32:10 - Mark's Explanation of his Ministry

32:18 - "Do you have snakes?"

32:30 - "What kind of prosperity Gospel and how is that affecting Niger?"

34:36 - "With the 'sending out' section, you're coordinating people to be on the road and beyond. Is that going beyond Niger to other surrounding countries?"

35:47 - "What's you're goal for after Niger?"

38:22- "Do you have accountability? Like a board of directors, team, etc.?"

39:48 - "When you 'send out', are you sending people from your village?"

41:15 - "Can you help put in perspective how big printing production has been for you all?"

43:18 - "What other partnerships do you have?"

45:19 - "This really opens the door for resources. Are you translating these works into French and other languages? Do you own the rights to those?"

46:12 - Mark explains the "Equip a Pastor" program

47:30 - "What are your thoughts on the IMB/SBC?"

49:25 - "Are you working with other IMB members in Niger and in the surronding areas?"

50:00 - "What would it look like for a Sovereign Grace member to come on a mission trip to Niger?"

51:42 - "How does a family give to you guys?"

52:37 - "How are you coming along with support?"

53:20 - "...You really have [change?] in order to have the money [for?]...?"