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COVID-19 Wednesday Check-In

Wednesday, May 27th

Before we break from Wednesday Night videos for the Summer, we take a look at Question #6 New City Catechism, “How can we glorify God?” Of course, as we reflect on our lives and what we are for, we continue to see that God and his excellencies are central.

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Wednesday, May 20th

This week we look at Question #5 from the New City Catechism, “What else did God create?” Of course, God created everything and he created it very good. It is critical for us to understand this as Christians because Christianity’s unique explanation of God in creation provides the basis for our explanation of why the world is they way it is, and why we have hope today.

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Wednesday, May 13th

For the last two Wednesdays we’ve looked at God - who he is. This week, we turn our attention to humanity - who we are. Question #4 from the New City Catechism reads, “How and why did God create us?” This question is fundamental, and understanding and applying the answer it is critical. Are you becoming a monster? Or are you becoming more human?

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Wednesday, May 6th

Today we’re looking at the question, “How many persons are there in God?" Most Christians know the Trinity is important. But why is it important? If the word "trinity" is not even found in Scripture, why is it so important we embrace it? 

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Wednesday, April 29th

Today we’re looking at the question, “What is God?” Although we might know facts about God, far too often we don’t think about all that he is. However, knowing and remembering God is relevant to who we are and everything we do. Truly and wonderfully, there is none like our God. 

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Wednesday, April 22nd

Today we look at Question #1 from the New City Catechism. What encouragement can we glean from meditating on a simple quesiton and answer? What is our only hope in life and death?

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Wednesday, April 15th

Between Good Friday and Easter morning, where was Jesus on Saturday? I hope you’ll be encouraged to meditate on good news we get not only from “Good Friday” and “Resurrection Sunday,” but also “Holy Saturday.”


3 Encouragements from Holy Saturday

  1. Jesus faced death.
  2. Jesus experienced death.
  3. Jesus defeated death.

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  • Jonathan Edwards' Resolutions. Read them here. Read about them here.

Wednesday, April 1st

How can we be using our time wisely during this season? Today we consider the the use of a new resource from the past: catechism. What is a catechism? Why should I use one? How is it helpful?

5 Reasons to incoporate a catechism into your life:

  1. Catechisms provide an opportunity to engage with biblical truth.
  2. Catechisms provide a brief overview of biblical truth in a systematic way.
  3. Catechisms are something our brothers-and-sisters-in-Christ found to be useful and important for hundreds of years.
  4. Catechisms are interactive by design.
  5. Catechisms provide a framework for the mind and heart.

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Wednesday, March 25th

What does it look like to thrive together during a pandemic? Today we consider the topic of family worship.

Family Worship

  • Where does the idea of "family worship" come from?
    • Church history
    • The Bible
      • Verses referenced: Genesis 5:28-29; Genesis 17:19; Deuteronomy 6:4-8; Psalm 78:1-4; Ephesians 6:4.
  • What does "family worship look like?
    • What family worship is NOT (Jason Helopoulos).
      • A replacement for corporate worship, worship of the family, a burden, a time to rebuke and scold, Christian family activities, morality training, a guarantee that our families will follow Christ.
    • What family worship includes (keep it simple):
      • Read the Bible
      • Pray
      • Sing

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