The Glory of God in the Gospel

Sovereign Grace Church is a community of believers in Jesus Christ in Aberdeen, SD. Though fallen, we find our life, joy, identity, and treasure in God. We believe that God has revealed his glorious existence in creation, and especially in the Bible. In Scripture, as God's word, one finds both light and truth.

God's word was manifested most gloriously in the person of Jesus Christ. Knowing that the reason for evil and suffering in the world is our own rebellion, individual and collective, against God, the consequence for which being eternal punishment and God's wrath, we rejoice that God sent Christ to be a substitutionary sacrifice for our sin. In our place, Jesus Christ lived a perfectly righteous life, the life we were meant to live. He was then crucified, enduring the wrath of God in our place, and died on a cross. Unable to be held captive by the grave, Jesus was raised from the dead demonstrating that his sacrifice for sin was accepted by God, the Father. Jesus Christ now reigns with all authority over heaven and earth and, having commissioned his followers to spread the message of his work and forgiveness for sins to every tongue, tribe, and nation, Jesus calls every human being to turn from their sins and trust in him. None can approach God in their sins, nor can one merit God's favor based on personal morality or righteousness. Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. Jesus will come again to judge the world in righteousness and defeat death and evil for good.

Sovereign Grace is a group of recipients of the message of forgiveness in Jesus. We seek to live lives that conform to the image of Jesus and continue the spreading of the good news in Aberdeen and to the ends of the earth.