History and Affiliations

Sovereign Grace Church was planted in March 2011 by a group in Aberdeen, SD that desired to see disciples of Christ know God deeply, hear his word preached faithfully, and share their faith joyfully.

Our desire is to help people see Jesus Christ as supremely valuable, to know Him, and to be a part of the work he is doing in this city and to the ends of the earth, drawing men and women to himself and building his Church.

As a local church, we willingly and joyfully affiliate with the Southern Baptist Convention, a cooperative of many churches, primarily in partnership for the purpose of missions.


We believe that all people exist, ultimately, to glorify God.
We long to show the world that reconciliation with God and forgiveness from sins is possible through Jesus Christ - his life, death, and resurrection. Christ is our all satisfying portion forever.
We value the truth, primarily found in Jesus Christ and in God’s revealed Word, the Bible.
We believe a church should be an intimate family of Christ-followers that encourage and admonish one another in their walk with God.
Our mission is to make disciples of all nations, followers of Christ, by proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ and teaching them God’s word.


Feel free to take a look at our Allies, to get an idea of other churches and ministries with whom we partner, and by whom we are grateful to have been influenced for the glory of God.