2017-18 Family Devotial Guide Blog Graphic

Connecting Church & Home

At Sovereign Grace, we're committed to encouraging and equipping Christian parents to disciple their children and connect "church life" with "home life."

Our Wednesday-Night children's curriculum, The Gospel Story Curriculum, features a great way to connect parents and families with what's taking place on Wednesday nights. Along with each Wednesday Night children's lesson, parents can lead their children through a complementary family devotional that correponds with each week's lesson.


The devotional is Old Story New: 10-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God, and contains 78 weeks of devotions through the New Testament, with an emphasis on understanding how salvation is found in Jesus. Each week contains five 10-minute devotions. The devotional also corresponds with The Gospel Story Bible. See the video posted below.

If your family would like to follow along with each Wednesday Night lesson, the following guide will help you keep track of where to be each week. There is also a memory verse to be working on at home, which the children will be reviewing in their class on Wednesday. We believe this is a great opportunity for families to regularly engage God's word together at home, connected to the church.