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It has been a great blessing to provide video recordings of past sermons at Sovereign Grace. Whether you want to revisit a sermon you've heard, get access to one you've missed, or share one with a friend or family member, our video archive of sermons online is a great blessing.

Recently, with the new sermon series through 1 Samuel, we have begun to record and post audio of the sermons online as well. A number of people have requested an audio option to be available online. Now, you can stream or download audio from any sermon, beginning with the first sermon in 1 Samuel. But, now there's even one more option.

As of September 30th, 2015 audio of Sovereign Grace sermons is accessible through the Podcast feature in iTunes. Thus, you can now access sermons easily through your computer, smartphone, tablet, or iPod. Simply, click here to view to our Podcast page in iTunes, and click "Subscribe." We're delighted to provide access to sermon content through such a varity of means. May God bless these resources and platforms to spread the message of his unmeasured grace.

Note: If you're on a computer, you may have to click "View in iTunes" on our Podcast page in order to subscribe.

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