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God Our Great Reward

March 17, 2019 Speaker: Sam Ellyson Series: Standalone Sermon

Passage: Hebrews 11:5–11:26

Seek God your great reward and walk with him!


1. Have I been recognizing the lie?

2. Have I been living my life…

     A. Motivated by the goodness of God?

     B. According to the roller coaster of my feelings about my circumstances?

3. Listen to Jesus teach you about our Father!


Worldly reward         Reward from God

1.Visible                      1. Seen by faith

2. Instant                    2. Must wait for it

3. Self-indulgent          3. Self-denying

4. Easy on the flesh     4. Hard on the flesh

5. Popular                   5. Brings reproach

6. Temporary              6. Eternal

7. Separation              7. Presence of God’s goodness

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